Day 1

LOCKER 1.jpg

Our big league lockers!!!!!

LOCKER 2.jpg (more…)


The Red Sox have added this feature this year, (I am guessing as a way to rub salt in the wounds of those of you who canot be here).  Here is the link for a live scoring website for all of our games.  Once we are drafted Monday night, I will post which of the 8 teams we are on.


T-Minus 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

Only 4 days to go before another week of February Baseball at the Boston Red Sox spring training facility in Fort Myers, Florida!!!!!!  Being treated like a pro for the week (even though I do not posess the skill level to be one!!!!) and getting to play on the best fields ever, including the City of Palms Stadium!!!!  I’ll be posting updates including pictures all week.

Goal #1 – to play catch with Trot Nixon!!!!!